Ofsted registration

As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver the best support we managed to meet the deadline for a completed and accepted application to Ofsted for registration in accordance with the Supported Accommodation regulations 2023.

We  are dedicated to providing the highest quality of support to young individuals aged 16 and over, particularly those transitioning from care. 

Being registered with Ofsted symbolises our adherence to stringent standards that focus on the well-being, progress, and experiences of the young people we house. These standards include:

Regulation 4: The Leadership and Management Standard: This assures our organisation has clear leadership and management that promote the welfare of our young people, high-quality care, and continuous improvement.

Regulation 5: The Protection Standard: This guarantees that our young people are safeguarded from harm and the risk of harm, and are provided with clear behavioural guidelines.

Regulation 6: The Accommodation Standard: This ensures our housing facilities are safe, comfortable, and suitable for the needs of the young people we support. This includes everything from structural integrity to sanitary provisions.

Regulation 7: The Support Standard: This confirms that our young people receive personalised care and support that promotes their independence and aids their preparation for adulthood.

In all our services, we incorporate the Berri system, an evidence-based measurement tool that helps us identify and monitor the needs and strengths of each young person. This enables us to tailor our support services accordingly, offering more effective and personalised care.

Our 16+ supported accommodation is more than just a place to live – it’s a support system designed to equip young individuals with the necessary skills to lead successful, independent lives. By being a part of our community, you’re not just in a house, you’re in a home where your voice is heard and your future is our priority.

We offer a variety of accommodation types, including shared houses suitable from 2-7 individuals and solo accommodation, depending on the matching requirements of the individual.

Personalised care and support

Our approach centres on understanding the unique circumstances of each individual. We take into account their past experiences, current needs, and future aspirations. Whether the individual is an unaccompanied asylum-seeking child, a care leaver, or a young mother in need of a supportive environment for herself and her child, we provide the personalised support they require.

Measuring success with BERRI

To provide the most effective support and continuously improve our services, we utilise a revolutionary tool known as BERRI (Behaviour, Emotional wellbeing, Risk to self and others, Relationships, and Indicators of mental health).

BERRI is an online system that allows us to comprehensively evaluate and track the progress of our residents in these key areas. This data-driven approach aids us in making informed decisions, allocating resources effectively, and ensuring consistency across our services. Furthermore, BERRI empowers us to display tangible evidence of improvement, thus setting realistic, achievable goals for our residents.

Benefits to local authorities

Partnering with Norman Galloway Homes for 16+ supported accommodation Services offers several benefits to local authorities:

  • Expertise and Experience: Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we can deliver a service tailored to meet the diverse needs of young people in care or leaving care.

  • Progress Tracking: Our use of BERRI allows for transparent, data-driven reporting on the progress of each individual, giving you peace of mind and proof of tangible outcomes.

  • Resource Management: By pinpointing the areas where a young person needs the most support, we ensure efficient use of resources and maximise the impact of our interventions.

  • Comprehensive Support: Beyond accommodation, we provide a wealth of support services, including employment support, community building, co-design opportunities, and more.

Our services

At Norman Galloway Homes, our commitment lies in creating positive change in young people’s lives. Our 16+ supported accommodation services, strengthened by the innovative BERRI tool, are testament to this dedication. Contact us today to discover how we can assist in providing holistic care and support for young adults in your region. We also provide 18+ supported accommodation services for young people transitioning out of this 16+

Children in care with additional needs 16+

We accept referrals on a daily basis and will always respond. Should it be an emergency please contact Terry Galloway on 07838317574. With many different types of accommodation we create a bespoke proposal catered to the needs of each individual.

Unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC) 16+

We already have a cohort of asylum seeking children living in various accommodation and have places available and accept referrals from all local authorities. We run a culture club and an in house Esol course in partnership with Vision West Notts Collage.

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