Preparation for independence

Embark on an exhilarating journey towards independence with ASDAN's Living Independently Short Course, a meticulously designed program that equips young adventurers with the essential skills needed for a self-sufficient lifestyle. This course is your gateway to mastering the arts of budget management, cooking nutritious meals, maintaining a healthy living space, and ensuring home safety. Each module is packed with interactive and engaging activities, making the learning process not just informative but also incredibly fun. It's an adventure into the practical aspects of living on your own, offering hands-on experience that prepares you for the real world.

But the adventure doesn't stop there! Our young explorers beginning with the Living Independently Short Course are embarking on just the first chapter of a much larger journey. Upon completion, a vast horizon of opportunities awaits, as they can then advance to a variety of other courses tailored by our dedicated support workers. These subsequent courses delve deeper into specific areas of interest and skill development, ranging from advanced life skills, career planning, to personal well-being, all designed to further empower our youth and enhance their readiness for the challenges ahead.

This initial course is more than just a learning experience; it's the foundation of a lifelong adventure in learning and self-discovery. Our support workers are committed to guiding each young person through this journey, ensuring they have the tools, knowledge, and confidence to navigate the complexities of adult life. With ASDAN's Living Independently Short Course as the starting point, our young people are not just preparing for independence; they're stepping into a broader world of learning and personal growth, with endless possibilities to explore and conquer.

Earning and spending money

This module looks at where money comes from and how it is spent. We also look at different benefits and types of employment including how to understand a pay slip. What is national insurance and tax.

Keeping track of your money

Part of this module helps you know what you have left after you have paid all your bills each month. Knowing which bills are due and how to keep track is essential for independent living.

Making financial choices

We focus on how to find good value contracts and services such as mobile phone, internet and utilities. There are lots of practical challenges finding the best deals and making the right choices.

A place of your own

In this module we are looking at the different types of tenancies. How to access social housing, how to buy a house and your rights and responsibilities when renting property in the private rental sector.

Health and wellbeing

You will learn what services are available in your community. How to access them and how to maintain a healthy state of mind. During this module there will be lots of practical challenges such as locating dentist and opticians.

Cooking on a budget

This module helps young people to budget more effectively with limited funds, however this does not mean eating beans on toast. We really focus in this area so cooking on a budget is enjoyable.

Practical cooking skills

Young people are encouraged to cook for a sit down meal with their support worker. In our 16+ accommodation we subscribe to Gusto and Hello Fresh so that our young people get to taste a variety of meals.

Career management

You will work with your support worker to learn about different careers and how to get into them. You will explore various job descriptions from office based and manual jobs.

Preparing for the world of work

This will include a period of paid work experience with one of out employer partners. They will go through an induction program, offer a personal mentor and provide feedback at the end.


Young people must present evidence of their activities in an organised portfolio or e-portfolio that they will create with their support worker.

This will contain:

  • a record of challenges completed, with supporting evidence for each challenge
  • recording documents, showing how young people have planned and reviewed their activities
  • summary of achievement, highlighting skills development
  • personal statement

Once this is completed to a satisfactory level young people receive a certificate which can then used when applying for social housing.

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