Why Landlords work with us

Welcome to an opportunity where your property investment goes beyond financial returns to make a profound difference in the lives of care leavers. As an esteemed organisation with a solid reputation for transforming lives, we offer landlords a unique partnership that not only enhances the value of their investment but also contributes to a cause of great social importance. By working with us, you step into a community dedicated to providing stable, supportive environments for young adults transitioning from care. This is your chance to be part of a movement that not only promises reliable financial benefits through our hassle-free management and guaranteed rent schemes but also the invaluable reward of knowing your property plays a key role in supporting individuals in need of a fresh start. Join us in making a lasting impact on the lives of care leavers, creating brighter futures together

1) Boost yield: high demand across key regions

Landlords, take note: There’s a significant call for properties within Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, and Derbyshire. If you have holdings in these areas and seek to optimise your yield, please get in touch. Partnering with us ensures immediate engagement with an eager market. Together, we can address this pressing demand.

2) Guaranteed rent: zero void worries

Beyond a typical lease, we assure consistent rent payments, with no concern for occupancy gaps. Forget about the hassles of direct management—emergency repairs, maintenance calls, and tenant complaints are all handled by us, ensuring your property investment remains profitable with minimal effort on your part.

3) Contribute to a meaningful cause

Leasing your property to us goes beyond a wise economic choice—it's a step towards supporting a deeply impactful cause. Your property will provide essential support to young individuals leaving care, granting them a chance at stability. Engage with us to make a tangible difference while securing competitive returns.

4) Secure long term agreements: 3, 5 or 7 years

Stability is key in property investment, which is why we offer extended lease terms, ensuring ongoing financial security and peace of mind for you. Your property plays a crucial role in supporting those in need, offering a stable income for you and a welcoming home for them.

5) Effortless property management: eliminate costs and complexity

When you lease your property to us, you step away from the common challenges and costs associated with traditional property management. No longer will you need to navigate the complexities of finding new tenants or incur the expense of management fees. The property sector is increasingly regulated, where oversights can lead to significant financial penalties for landlords. By partnering with us, we assume the role of the landlord, shielding you from these potential pitfalls. This arrangement ensures that your investment remains profitable and hassle-free, while you avoid the regulatory burdens and financial risks that come with direct property management.

6) Forward thinking partnerships

Partnering with us offers a flexible and comprehensive solution to landlords, regardless of your property's current condition or any challenges you might be facing, such as tenant issues or rent collection problems. We welcome properties in any state and are committed to upgrading them to meet our high standards. This means we can take the burden off your shoulders, even if you're dealing with difficult tenants or have struggled to receive rent. By choosing us, you ensure that your property is not only brought up to an exceptional standard but also managed efficiently, relieving you of the typical stresses and strains of property management.

7) Transform Lives: Join Our Mission with Your Property

Become part of an expanding network of landlords who recognize the importance of leasing their properties to support a meaningful cause. If you own properties in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, or Derbyshire, your location is ideal for contributing to our impactful initiative. Many of our landlords acquire properties with the express purpose of aiding our mission, demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility. We are also keen on revitalising empty properties, giving them a new lease on life as homes for those in need. Reach out to us to learn how your property can become a crucial component of our vital work, transforming lives and communities.

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