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3 Bedroom Terraced House


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  • 16+ supported accommodation
  • Care Leavers / Children in need 16+
  • Suitable for solo or shared placement
  • Ofsted URN
  • BERRI Clinical evaluation tool
  • 24/7 onsite support available
  • Floating support 1:1 or 2:1
  • Waking/Sleeping nights available
  • Co-parenting/parenting with child
  • Employability and Jobs program
  • Preparation for independence
  • Gusto/Hello Fresh subscription
  • Garden with planting area
  • Brand new kitchen/Bathroom
  • New flooring/decoration
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Location assessment
  • Interlinked fire detection
  • CCTV and WifFi
  • Internet with parental controls

Introduction to the property

This property is a modern, inviting space ideal for both comfort and  practicality. The living room features soft, neutral tones, a plush  sofa, and an elegant floral canvas art that adds a touch of serenity. A  separate dining area with a sleek wooden table and comfortable chairs  provides the perfect spot for meals. The contemporary kitchen is  well-appointed with modern appliances, ample cabinetry, and a clean,  minimalist aesthetic. The bathroom is bright and clean with fresh  fixtures and a full-size bath. A tranquil bedroom with cozy bedding and  soothing decor offers a peaceful retreat. Each room is thoughtfully  designed to create a harmonious balance between style and function,  making it an ideal setting for relaxation and personal growth.

Suitable for shared Placement: This accommodation offers a private, secure haven for shared living, providing a space where residents can navigate their path to adulthood with dedicated support and privacy. Currently there is one young person living here.

Space and amenities: This property is newly renovated, has a new bathroom, kitchen and flooring throughout. There is a good size lounge and open plan kitchen area with full size table and chairs.

There are 2 bedrooms for 2 young people who could share this property. The 3rd bedroom can become a co-designed space or a staff sleeping room, private meeting room or office depending on need.

Availability - room available: There is currently a 17 year old unaccompanied asylum seeking child in this property. He is doing so well, keeps the place clean and everytime we see him, he is smiling. He has been been attending our culture club and Esol course in anticipation of starting collage in September. He is lonely and we are keen to find a good match for him to share this property.

24/7 Onsite Support Available: Westwood currently does not have staff staying onsite. However there is a 3rd bedroom should that be required. Young people benefit from floating support with staff available onsite 24/7, ensuring help is always accessible for any need that may arise. Norman Galloway Homes Offices are 5 minutes around the corner.

16+ Supported Accommodation: This property is designated for individuals aged 16 and over, focusing on developing skills and confidence necessary for successful independence. We are registering with Ofsted and have a URN.

Employability and Jobs Program: Our unique jobs program equips residents with vital workplace skills, matching them with employers to provide valuable employment experience and foster self-sufficiency. However we recognise some of our young people that are asylum seeking children are not permitted to work. 

Preparation for Independence: Our services are designed to prepare residents for independent living through personalised support plans, teaching essential life skills, and fostering resilience and self-esteem. We have a vast curriculum that our young people can access. However all our young people will complete the "living independently short course" 

Living in our accommodation

This property can only be commissioned by children's social care and therefore you are not able to apply direct. However send your social worker or PA the information from this website.

If you are looking at this page because you have been asked to consider living in our accommodation, we have a "Young persons guide" specifically for each property, but we don't publish the whole content on this website because we like to keep the exact location of our property private.

We do have an online version of the "Young persons guide" which outlines what you can expect if you move into our accommodation. 


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