2 Bedroom Terraced House


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  • 16+ supported accommodation
  • Suitable for solo or shared placement
  • BERRI Clinical evaluation tool
  • Floating support 1:1 or 2:1
  • Co-parenting/parenting with child
  • Preparation for independence
  • Garden with planting area
  • New flooring/decoration
  • Location assessment
  • CCTV and WifFi
  • Care Leavers / Children in need 16+
  • Ofsted URN
  • 24/7 onsite support available
  • Waking/Sleeping nights available
  • Employability and Jobs program
  • Gusto/Hello Fresh subscription
  • Brand new kitchen/Bathroom
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Interlinked fire detection
  • Internet with parental controls

Nestled in a cosy setup, this home opens up to a warm living room adorned with a plush brown sofa accented by patterned cushions, creating an inviting atmosphere. The wooden coffee table centered on a stylish black and white rug adds to the charm, while the simplistic design of the lamp and the natural touch of pampas grass in a wicker vase enhance the serene vibe. A sleek black entertainment unit sits poised for leisurely days.

A touch of greenery is offered by a quaint window sill planter, setting a tranquil tone. Wall art is thoughtfully arranged in the adjacent room, infusing the space with inspiration and a homely feel. Each phrase and image on the wall art echoes a story of companionship and joy.

The kitchen area is neatly equipped with modern appliances, and the glossy black finish of the kettle and toaster is complemented by the copper accents. A small, yet functional breakfast bar with vibrant yellow stools injects a pop of colour and a dash of modernity.

The bedrooms, sanctuaries of rest, are furnished with comfortable beds, crisp linens, and ample storage space. They maintain privacy with individual locks, offering peace of mind. Soft towels neatly laid out signify readiness for a new beginning.

This house is more than a dwelling; it's a stepping stone to independence, designed to be shared and to foster growth for two care leavers embarking on their next chapter.

Living in our accommodation

This property can only be commissioned by children's social care and therefore you are not able to apply direct. However send your social worker or PA the information from this website.

If you are looking at this page because you have been asked to consider living in our accommodation, we have a "Young persons guide" specifically for each property, but we don't publish the whole content on this website because we like to keep the exact location of our property private.

We do have an online version of the "Young persons guide" which outlines what you can expect if you move into our accommodation. 


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